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Dell Error Code 2000-0133

If you were using your Dell Inspiron Laptop and it was operating properly until a few minutes ago, but now you’re getting Error Code 2000-0133, what should you do? If you answered yes, you should be concerned.

What is Dell Error Code 2000-0133?

Battery: Error Code 2000-0133 is linked to Error Code 2000-0133. The battery is unable to provide sufficient power. This error indicates that the battery has been damaged or is likely to be damaged. Last but not least, double-check that you are not using a duplicate battery or that there is no battery in the system. You’ll need a new original battery for your Dell machine if you’re utilizing a duplicate battery.

Steps to Resolve Error Code 2000-0133:

Solution 1: Shut down the computer and replace the battery.

  • Remove the battery from your Dell laptop first.
  • Turn the Dell laptop over.
  • Then, to remove the battery, pull it out.
  • Wait at least 50- 60 seconds after a few minutes.
  • After that, turn on your Dell laptop.

Solution 2: Perform the PSA Diagnostics once more.

You should try running Dell Diagnostics to see if it can help you address the problem quickly. You can have trust in the operation of your computer hardware by employing diagnostics, which don’t require any additional equipment or data destruction.

To begin the Dell Diagnostics procedure, follow these steps: –

  • On your hard disc, the Dell Diagnostics is buried in a Diagnostic utility partition.
  • After that, turn on your computer. When the DELL logo displays, instantly press the “F12” key. If the Microsoft Windows® logo shows after a long wait, wait until you see the Windows desktop. Then turn off your computer and restart it.
  • Select “Diagnostics” from the boot device list and click the “Enter” key.
  • The computer begins to execute the Pre-boot System Assessment, which includes diagnostics for your system board, keyboard, hard drive, and display.
  • The computer will stop and beep if a component problem is detected. Press “N” to halt the assessment and reboot the operating system; “Y” to move on to the next test, and “R” to retest the component that failed.
  • You will see the notification “Booting Dell Diagnostic Utility Partition” when the Pre-boot System Assessment is completed successfully. Then press any key to proceed to start Dell Diagnostics from your hard drive’s Diagnostics utility partition.
  • Once you’ve finished a running test, close the window to return to the Main Menu.
  • Close the Main Menu page to leave Dell Diagnostics and reset the computer.

Solution 3: Use the ePSA online tool to resolve the problem.

If the diagnostics still return a Dell Error 2000-0133, use the ePSA online tool to quickly resolve the problem. By connecting with the professionals, you may learn more about various solutions and assist in the resolution of this problem.


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