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Microsoft Store Error Code 0x87E10BD0 Fix

Although the 0x87E10BD0 error code can make it difficult to use the Microsoft Store, it is fortunately simple to resolve.

Users have reported encountering the error 0x87E10BD0 when attempting to download games or applications from the Microsoft Store. A message that reads “Something unexpected happened” and “purchase can’t be completed” appears when this error occurs. Although frequently associated with Sea of Thieves, it can also happen with other games and apps.

Error 0x87E10BD prevents users from downloading and installing games or apps from the MS Store. It’s a frequent error that users have resolved in several ways. These are some techniques for resolving the 0x87E10BD0 error in Windows 11 and 10.

1. Running the Windows Store Apps Troubleshooter

To resolve Microsoft Store issues, use the Windows Store Apps troubleshooter.Although the Windows Store Apps troubleshooter probably won’t work for everyone, some users might still benefit from it. Therefore, try running the troubleshooter as follows:

  • Click Start and choose to launch the desired app using the menu button (the cog icon) or pinned shortcut to access Settings. Any other approach to opening Settings in Windows is also an option.
  • Choose Troubleshoot next to see three navigation options.
  • By selecting other troubleshooters, the list of troubleshooting tools will be displayed.
  • Then click the Run button to launch the Windows Store App troubleshooter.
Windows Store App troubleshooter
  • Examine and implement each suggestion the troubleshooter makes.
suggestion the troubleshooter

Because of the different Settings layout in Windows 10, the steps for accessing the same troubleshooter are slightly different. Click Update & Security > Troubleshoot in Settings to launch the same troubleshooting tool on that platform. Then select Windows Store Apps from the navigation link under Additional troubleshooters.

2. Verify that your Microsoft Account is active and signed in.

Some MS Store users claimed that in order to resolve the 0x87E10BD0 error, they had to sign in to their Microsoft accounts. Are you certain that Windows is logged into your Microsoft account? Be sure to follow these steps to log into your MS Store account:

  • Press the right mouse button to select “Start,” then click “Run.”
  • In the Run (Open) command box, type ms-settings:emailandaccounts.
  • To view the Email and Accounts section of Settings, select OK after that.
  • If one does not already exist, you must create one.Choose “Add a Microsoft account” from the menu.
Add a Microsoft account
  • Select Next after entering your MS account’s email address.
entering your MS account's email addres
  • Once the password has been entered, click the “Sign in” button.
  • Select Restart in Windows.

3. Reset the cache for the Microsoft Store.

The error 0x87E10BD0 is brought on by corrupted data in the MS Store cache on some users’ computers. That cause will be resolved by clearing the cache. Following these simple steps will clear the MS Store cache.

  • Launch the Windows Run add-on.
  • exe should be typed into the Run dialogue box.
Run dialogue box
  • Choose OK to launch wsreset.exe, which will clear the cache for the MS Store.
  • After the cache has been cleared, wait until the Microsoft Store app launches automatically. Then, to see if it fixed the problem, try downloading the app for which the 0x87E10BD0 error occurs from the MS Store.

4. Make a new copy of the AUInstallAgent folder.

Another method by which some users have been able to resolve the 0x87E10BD0 error in Windows is by creating a new AUInstallAgent folder. On the PCs of those users, the AUInstallAgent folder was malfunctioning or missing, which led to this problem. In Windows 10 and 11, you can recreate that folder in the following ways:

  • Press the Win + R keyboard shortcut to open Run.
  • To view a Windows directory, enter %windir% into Run and press OK.
  • Look in the Windows directory for the AUInstallAgent folder.
  • If you can locate that directory, choose Delete when you right-click the AUInstallAgent folder. You can move on to the next step if you can’t find that folder.
  • To choose New > Folder, use the right mouse button to select the Windows directory.
select the Windows directory
  • Enter AUInstallAgent as the title of the new folder.
  • then select Restart from the Start menu.

5. Verify that the Microsoft Installation Service is active.

The Microsoft Store Install Service has an impact on how UWP apps are installed. Therefore, confirm that the service is active and running. The Microsoft Install Service settings can be checked and modified as follows:

  • To open the app and file search tool, click the search box or button on the taskbar.
  • To find that app, type “Services” into the search tool’s box.
  • The result of the Service app search should be selected.
  • For a properties window, double-click Microsoft Store Install Service.
Microsoft Store Install Service
  • Set the Start-up Type option to Automatic.
  • If the Microsoft Store Install Service has been stopped, click Start.
Microsoft Store Install Service
  • To configure the new Microsoft Store, click Install service settings and then click Apply.
  • To close the Microsoft Store, Install Service window, click OK.

Choose to restart the Microsoft Store Install Service if it is already running. You can do this by selecting Restart from the context menu when you right-click Microsoft Store Install Service. Alternately, click Stop and Start in the service’s properties window.

6. Using Clean Boot to Reduce Windows Startup

Another possibility is that a background application or service is interfering with MS Store downloads. By setting Windows to clean boot, you can get rid of any third-party background program and services that might be the root of the 0x87E10BD0 problem. The startup items that automatically run are removed from that boot configuration.

Our instructions for cleaning boots With the help of the MSConfig and Task Manager system tools, Windows instructs you on how to disable Windows startup. Then restart Windows to perform a clean boot. To see if the clean boot makes a difference, try downloading the affected MS Store games and applications after restarting.

7. Reinstall (register) the Microsoft Store.

If error 0x87E10BD0 still occurs after trying all of the other possible solutions listed above, MS Store may need to be reregistered. You can reinstall that app by reregistering the MS Store, which you can do by running a laborious command. The steps to reinstall MS Store using PowerShell are as follows:

  • Launch the Windows file-searching tool.
  • Inside the Windows search box, type PowerShell.
  • To launch that command-line application, right-click the Windows PowerShell search result and choose the “Run as administrator” option.
  • Enter the following command to restart the MS Store, and it will be carried out:
Get-AppXPackage "$($_.Install Location)AppXManifest.xml" | Foreach "Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode" Get-AppXPackage "Microsoft.WindowsStore" | Foreach "Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode"
  • When the command process is complete, restart the computer.

Get Your Computer’s Error 0x87E10BD0 Fixed

The troubleshooting techniques in this guide have helped a lot of users fix error 0x87E10BD0. Therefore, it is likely that one of those fixes will resolve the same MS Store issue on your PC. You can then download and reinstall all of the games and applications from the Microsoft Store.

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