The HP Laptop System Fan (90b) Error Message on Start-up signals a significant issue with the heat dissipation technique. One of the two potential scenarios is attainable in this situation, according to HP technical support. First of all, the computer’s fan is completely silent or it’s possible that it’s not spinning at all. The second reason could be that the case’s internal temperature is too high and the fan cannot spin quickly enough to eliminate the warm environment.

What causes the problem message “System fan (90b, 90f)” on an HP laptop?

The error notice suggests that either there is a problem with the heat dissipation system or that the system fan is not spinning at the expected rate. This message appears as a warning to stop the computer from being damaged.

“The system has detected that a cooling fan is not operating correctly”

The source of HP Laptop Error 90b

  • The hardware mechanism by which the cooling fan operates.
  • The issue arises when the cooling fan becomes unable to remove excess heat from the system due to a variety of factors.

How to fix system fan (90b) error on a HP pavilion g6 laptop

Update the BIOS

  • The first step is to check for any pending BIOS updates for your laptop. The most recent BIOS update for your system can find on the HP website.
  • Download the HP Support Assistant software from the HP Support Assistant page. Install the programme if necessary.
  • Run the software, then locate your computer in the My Devices tab and click on Updates.
  • Now, click “Check for updates and messages” to get the most recent updates.
  • If an update is find, select it by checking the BIOS update box and clicking Download and Install.
  • Once the update has been installed, close the HP Support Assistant. Reboot the system and see if there is any improvement.

Clean the CPU fans and air vents.

  • If the problem persists, it could be that dust has accumulated in the laptop’s exterior vents, causing a higher temperature and thus the error. It could also happen if the thermal paste on your CPU has dried out and needs to replaced.
  • After shutting down the computer, inspect the exterior vents and blow air through the open vents to remove any dust buildup.
  • Also, thoroughly clean the CPU fans before replacing the lid. Restart the computer to see if the problem has resolved.
  • If the problem persists, check to see if the thermal paste on the CPU has dried out. Remove any remaining thermal paste and reapply it. If you don’t know how to do it, look for a profession to help.

Carry out a hard reset

  • If the problem persists, try performing a hard reset on the system. This will only reset the thermal values and allow you to use the system normally again.
  • Turn off the HP laptop to perform a hard reset.
  • Remove any external devices that are attached to your laptop. Remove the power cord as well, if it is plugged in.
  • To reset your laptop, press and hold the power button for 15 seconds. Allow a minute or two for the laptop to cool.
  • Now connect the power adapter to the wall outlet and the power cord to your laptop.
  • Turn on the computer and check for any changes.

Final Words

You must contact HP Laptop Care for assistance. If you are still having issues. The team of trained engineers will provide you with all the information you need to fully understand how to resolve the HP laptop system fan (90b, 90f) error. Your problem will undoubtedly be resolved once you’ve overcome them.

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